Slik-Vis™ High-Viscosity Slick Water System

DCS’s unique VFR slick water system was first commercialized in 2013. With well over 50,000 stages pumped across most of the major basins in the United States, Slik-Vis™ has established itself as the industry’s go-to solution when basic slick water chemicals fail to succeed. The unique molecular polymer structure of Slik-Vis™ provides for increased proppant transport properties as well as reduced hydraulic horsepower requirements. This functionality provides our clients with a consistent and predictable outcome when facing the challenges that are associated with aggressive completions designs and high-pressure operating environments.

Why Slik-Vis™

  • 99% regain conductivity….maximizes well productivity
  • Enhanced proppant transport capabilities
  • 10-15% lower treating pressures
  • Lower total associated costs per effect
  • Effective in wide range of water conditions

Slik-Vis™ Case Histories