Slik-Vis™ - Enhanced Viscosity Slick Water System

Since its commercializtion in December of 2013, Slik-Vis™ has been successfully pumped on over 26,000 stages across most major basins in the United States.  The simplicity, cleanliness and low cost of a slick water fluid combined with the proppant carrying capabilities of a gel system.  Today's demanding expectations call for lower costs without sacrificing performance, and Slik-Vis™ is unmatched in its ability to deliver both.  Slik-Vis™, the original and still the leader in enhanced rheology slick water fluid systems.


Why Slik-Vis™

       99% Regain Conductivity                                                          On The Fly Adjustments and Ease of Use

        High Proppant Transport Capability                                       Fewer Chemicals On Location

        10 - 15% Lower Treating Pressure                                         Broad Range of Water Conditions

        Lower Cost                                                                                 Reduced Water Usage




                   Download:  Slik-Vis™ Technical Presentation

                   Download:  SPE-189893-MS    Case Studies of High Viscosity Frictions Reducers (HVFR) in the STACK Play

        Download:  SPE-185084-MS    Applications of Viscosity Building Friction Reducers as Fracturing Fluids

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