PolyBoost™ - Polyacrylamide Performance Enhancer

PolyBoost™ represents a disruption to conventional thinking when evaluating friction reducers for use in produced water applications.  Historically, the industry has utilized a broad selection of polyacrylamide emulsions from various manufacturers, all designed to provide different performance characteristics in varying conditions.  Effective friction reducer performance in moderate to high TDS produced water has relied on fit for purpose, robust emulsions that often carried a considerably higher cost.  With the commercialization of PolyBoost™, Downhole Chemical Solutions delivers a field proven, cost effective solution that allows lower cost, fresh water friction reducers to perform in moderate to high TDS produced water.


Why PolyBoost™

       Cost Effective Versus Premium, High TDS FR's                            Replaces Existing Surfactant                                          

        Flexibility for Varying Water Conditions                                        Ease of Use, 0.5 - 1.0 gpt                                  





                   Download:  PolyBoost™ One Pager


Permian Produced Water               Permian Fresh Water
102,800 TDS                                    1,405 TDS
14,200 Hardness                             780 Hardness
60,470 Chlorides                             420 Chlorides

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