A deep understanding of stimulation chemistry is one thing, but thirty plus years of operational stimulation experience is another. Part of what sets DCS apart from traditional chemical suppliers is our technical team's vast knowledge and understanding of the core principles of stimulation. By combining our team's experiences related to geology, reservoir analytics, frac design and downhole chemicals, we are able to assist our clients in all aspects of their stimulation program. Starting with pump schedule design input all the way through analyzing post frac flowback, the DCS team can serve as a trusted advisor to our clients’ completions programs.

We understand that every step in a process should add a certain value to our shared goal. That’s why we begin everything we do with the end in mind. Stimulating thousands of stages per year for multiple clients in multiple basins, provides our team with an abundance of working knowledge that helps to guide our optimization strategy. This experience allows us to assist clients in all aspects of their stimulation design with the specific goal of maximizing well productivity and controlling overall costs. At DCS we believe that status quo is the enemy. Let’s be visionaries and reframe our thinking, together. The results will speak for themselves.