Coil Tubing Chemical Services and Additives

The vast majority of chemicals pumped during coil tubing and work over rig drill out operations are provided by service companies that have little to no chemical expertise.  In addition these companies typically do not manufacture their own products, instead relying on toll blenders are other distributors for product supply.  This model leads to a very inefficient supply chain and ultimately higher costs to the end user.

Downhole Chemical Solutions’ line of performance additives for coiled tubing are designed to provide superior results in today’s extreme completion conditions. Effective fluid friction reduction, torque/drag reduction and metal to metal friction reduction are reliant upon chemistry, and DCS is a recognized leader for these chemical solutions.  Using the latest in polymer and nano material chemistry, DCS’ line of coiled tubing additives sets the standard for field performance and are completely compatible in any combination.  DCS products for coiled tubing have been field proven on thousands of drillouts across North America.

Custom Designed Fluid Blend Plants

In-house Formulated & Manufactured Products

  • LiquiXan - line of xanthan based oil suspensions for fluid viscosity enhancement

  • PolyVis - line of synthetic polymer based oil suspension for fluid viscosity enhancement

  • HiFlow - line of synthetic polymer emulsions for reducing hydraulic pressure

  • LiquiSlide - line of metal to metal lubricants for reducing torque/drag and metal on metal friction

  • ScaleBlok - line of scale inhibition products

  • CorrHib - line of corrosion inhibitors for pipe and equipment integrity

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